Chop $50 Off Your Monthly Budget!


Refinance your auto loan

from another lender

to Village Credit Union’s low rates

and we’ll chop your monthly payment

by up to $50!

How?Meat Cleaver_Web

By extending your current loan payoff date by up to 12 months


By extending the term until we’ve lowered your monthly payment by $50

…whichever comes first.

Refinancing your vehicle loan is easy! Simply apply securely online or talk with one of our loan professionals.

We will extend the remaining term of your auto loan for up to 12 months or until your current monthly auto loan payment is reduced by $50, whichever comes rst. We will pay the $10 lien fee for members who schedule an automatic payment, direct deposit or payroll allotment to their loan. Qualications and restrictions may apply. See the credit union for full details and disclosures.