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FREE Budgeting Worksheet – Get yourself started on the right foot by downloading a copy of our FREE Budgeting Worksheet. Write down your expenditures, and then create a budget based on the 10/10/80 Rule:

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Read our article, “How to Live On a Budget…and Still Have a Life!” for more tips for creating a successful budget!


(From the Summer 2012 issue of our newsletter)

Debit Card Skimming

Fraudsters can use a special scanner to collect data off a debit card that can later be used to make unauthorized purchases. Often, the person owning the card has no idea that their information has been compromised.

These debit card scanners can be installed on ATMs or gas station pumps and many are virtually undetectable. A camera or magnetic device set up nearby can then captures the PIN entered by the victim. The PIN and the card number collected from the scanner give the fraudster all the information he needs. The victim is unaware his information has been compromised until he notices strange and usual purchases made on his account.


  • Be wary of any stand-alone ATM. Obviously there are plenty of legitimate ones, but look around and be suspicious of an ATM that isn’t bolted to the side of a building or secured inside a facility.
  • Avoid ATMs if the access door or any part of the machine is broken – a fraudster may have forced open the door to install a skimming device.
  • Beware of “out of service” signs. If your ATM has a “out of service” sign, it could be legitimate — or it could be trying to get you to use another nearby ATM that had been compromised.
  • Report malfunctions immediately. If you get an error message instead of money, contact your financial institution immediately.
  • Frequently monitor your account activity online. Report any bogus transactions immediately.














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