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Fee Schedule

(Refresh your screen for the most current fees – Fees as of  08/01/2013)

The following is a complete list of our fee structure. By imposing fees we try to accomplish several things:

  • Each service pays for itself, service fees for one type of service do not subsidize another service
  • We cover our cost of providing each service
  • We try to remain competitive with other financial institutions
  • We try to be fair and equitable to the entire membership

As a financial cooperative, democratically controlled by the membership, the Board of Directors is committed to decisions that benefit the entire membership. We feel the following fee structure accomplishes that goal. We do welcome questions, comments or suggestions regarding our pricing schedule.

Closing account within 6 months after opened $10.00
Copy of statement within 12 months $5.00
Copy of statement over 12 months – Research Fee $25.00

 Plus per month received

Annual maintenance fees No Charge
Share draft printing Member Pays
Overdraft charge/item $30.00
Stop payment $25.00
Copy of statement within 12 months $5.00
Copy of statement over 12 months – Research Fee $25.00
 Plus per month received $5.00
History print out $2.00
Overdraft protection transfer $2.12
Overdraft protection loan draw $3.15
Phone Transfers $3.50
To close an account for abuse $25.00
Monthly service charge No Charge
Drafts clearing per month No Charge
Account reconciliation (minimum 1 hour) $25.00 per hour
Manual posting of share draft/ACH debits $5.00 per item
Returns on a closed account $30.00
Copy of a check $5.00
Check clearing inquiries by phone $5.00
Deposits No Charge
Reissue of lost or stolen Debit card (first time) $5.00
 Second time (per year) $10.00
Reissue of personal identification number (PIN) $5.00
Debit with Share Draft Checking  
Monthly service fee No Charge
Up to 2 Debit cards No Charge
Up to 10 transactions per month No Charge
Over 10 transactions per month $1.00 each
Outstanding Inquiries $5.00
Express delivery of card or PIN (per card) $50.00
Debit with Share Savings Only  
Monthly service fee $1.50
Up to 2 Debit cards No Charge
Up to 3 transactions per month No Charge
Over 3 transactions per month $1.00 each
Annual Fee No Charge
Gold Card Annual Fee No Charge
Cash Advance (In office)  $5.00
Cash Advance (ATM) $5.00
Over Limit $15.00
Replacement card $15.00
Returned check $15.00
Late payment $15.00
Express delivery of card/PIN $40.00
To certify a check under $1,000 $5.00
Over $1,000 $10.00
Money Orders $2.00
Notary service (members) No Charge
Notary services (non-members) $10.00
Wire transfer fee (Outgoing) $20.00
Wire transfer fee (Receiving) $10.00
Wire transfer fee (International) $40.00
Direct deposit No Charge
Payroll allotment No Charge
Phone inquiries No Charge
Phone transfers $3.50
Return Deposited Checks (written by member) $25.00
Return Deposited Checks (written by other party) $10.00
Teller (Village Credit Union) checks 1 free per day
Teller (Village Credit Union) checks (more than one) $2.00 per check
Stop pay on Teller check $15.00
Void Teller check $5.00
Garnishment/Levies $35.00
Dormant Account monthly fee $10.00
Return mail for incorrect address $5.00
Fax receiving 50¢ per page
Fax sending $3.00
Photocopy charges 50¢ per page
Member cashing non-member check $5.00 per check
Non-member coin counting 5% of total
Verification of deposit $10.00
Lien subordination $25.00
Written Loan Payoff faxed $10.00
Over 3 withdrawals per month $10.00
Copies of past statements $5.00

 Fees subject to change without notice.

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